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Volunteer programs, travel and work in Nepal



Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, and there are many opportunities to combine a holiday with some voluntary work. Volunteers experience life in both a rural and urban areas, which is quite different from the banana pancake trail followed by the average tourist. Most people in Nepal can’t afford to travel, and in the villages there is little chance of contact with the outside world. Volunteer teachers enable students to form relationships with someone from another culture, and the teachers can learn different teaching methods and techniques. Mainly, volunteers assist the regular schoolteacher. So volunteers do not need to have any teaching background.

The volunteer will teach and educate the different age group of children in different level. The participants educate the children in different ways as they want. They can use the course book as reference or educate them through conversational and spoken English. If we can give something today we can expect something from them tomorrow for the better world.

During their time they can teacGareth 1h them different subjects e.g. mathematics, history, science, geography, computer, technologies, music and other subjects., arts and crafts, different educational games, spoken a conversational English, personal development, environment, general health and safely and so on.

All higher education in Nepal is in English, so it is vitally important that children must learn English to continue further higher education. A trained teacher is committed to raising standards in schools in Nepal, and with an adult literacy rate of 51% for men and 24% for women there is plenty of room for improvement.

Volunteers have a light schedule of three to four lessons a day. Schools usually have a very dull curriculum of rote learning and pointless exams, so extra activities such as sports and games are really appreciated by the children. It’s also a good idea to bring posters, pictures, music tapes and so on to brighten up lessons.