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Volunteer programs, travel and work in Nepal

Orphan Care

Gal with orphan kids at orphanageMost of the orphanage homes in Nepal are running with poor management, under staffed, and lack of funding so they are struggling to continue their homes. There is urgent need of help and support form any interested people. There are many areas where volunteers can use their skills, and time for making meaningful contributions in the life of orphan kids of Nepal. Orphanages desperately need help for their schooling, sanitation, fund and administration.20121113_121508[1]

We deploy volunteers in different orphanages around Nepal, mainly Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pokhara area. Orphan children are 5 to 14 years of age and each orphanage home have approximately 14-25 children. In the orphanages volunteers will work to improve the children’s daily life by teaching them basic hygiene as like brushing their teeth, washing, personal care, etc. Volunteers will also help them teaching English, games, drawing, singing, dancing, help doing home works and assisting the children with their studies and extra curricular activities.