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Trekking in Nepal

Posted on Aug 4, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on Trekking in Nepal



Nepal is one of the more popular hiking and nature destinations in the world for athletic tourists. Boasting ownership of the largest portion of the Himalayas, many mountain climbers travel to Nepal to conquer the peaks of Mount Everest and the surrounding mountains. So this then begs the question,is Mount Everest the only beautiful part of Nepal?

The answer is a very strong no. If you look at any listing of ‘largest peaks in the world’, you will find that eight of the ten are located in Nepal, and by looking at any map, you’ll see that Nepal is nestled inside the Himalayas. Containing more than 240 peaks over 20,000 feet above sea level, Nepal is a dream come true for those wanting to see a wonderful view, be it for the distance, mountains, valleys, or sunsets. On top of this, the southern region of Terai is fertile and humid, so you can even experience a lush environment if you so desire.

For those that aren’t much into hiking, this doesn’t prevent you from seeing beauty, as Nepal has a powerful culture and society, too. You can find many temples and close-knit communities in nearly any village or town you enter, all beautifully decorated and respected by each local. Whether you’re passing through or staying for a personal retreat, the people of Nepal will greet you with open arms and expose you to any beauty you have in mind, even if you’re there to see everything at once. You are capable of finding your way to a temple that overlooks a wonderful view, or going for a calm walk along a mountain trail that doesn’t involve any climbing or extended activity.

The sunrises and sunsets in Nepal are a whole other beauty to behold that nearly any human being alive today could not resist watching. With the tight mountain range and epic views, you are bound to see at least one spectacular sunrise or sunset during your visit to Nepal. It is, for all intents and purposes, a guarantee that you’ll experience this part of Nepal, no matter what you’re there for. Typically, you will see one of these events either by a temple or by a mountain, both of which make for a view that make you pause and immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

Nepal is truly a place for personal reflection and recovery from stress. Finding yourself in a calm and receptive village can change your life no matter who you are, and you are sure to return home with a new perspective on life and the nature this world possesses. Because of this power Nepal has, you can find several organizations and programs that base themselves in Nepal for several activities: hiking, climbing, scenic tours, scenic plane flights, religious teaching, personal retreat resorts, and more. All it takes is a desire to try and you will find your way.


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